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Open your meem account today and earn chances to win cash prizes!  

Last update on 23/5/2023

Open your meem account today and earn chances to win cash prizes!

Open your account

SAR 25,000

X4 winners

SAR 40,000

X4 winners

SAR 60,000


Grand Prize SAR 1 Million

X1 winner

Open to nationals and the residents of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Open to existing and new meem customers upon opening a meem OnePack account

Customers qualify when maintaining an average credit balance in the meem OnePack account (current, savings or multicurrency) to get 1 entry in the draw.

Gain extra entries to the draw by the following actions

Additional entries
to the draw:

Customer Action Number of Entries

Receive Personal Finance / Personal Finance Buyout


5 purchase transactions with a meem debit card monthly


Obtain a primary meem Credit Card


5 purchase transactions monthly with a meem Credit Card


2 Local money transfers


2 International money transfers


3 bills settled with SADAD


The amount must be deposited in the meem OnePack account

Deposits from 10th April 2022 until 10th April 2023 will be considered for the draw

Draws will be held following the close of each quarter as specified by the Bank

Employees, officers and directors of Gulf International Bank – Saudi Arabia and their spouses, children and parents are not eligible to participate in this promotion

Winners who do not confirm acknowledgement of the win and claim their prize within five working days of the draw will forfeit the prize and the prize will go to the next entry selected by the draw

Unqualified accounts and accounts frozen by the Saudi Central Bank will automatically lose eligibility to participate in the draw

The draw is made by random selection and includes all eligible account holders and draws will be held under the supervision of the Saudi Chamber of Commerce and in the presence of a member of the Bank’s Internal Audit Unit.

The result of the draw is considered final, unless it is proven that one of the unqualified accounts has won in which event the prize will be awarded to the next entry selected by the draw under the supervision of the Saudi Chamber of Commerce

Customers whose names were not drawn in the prior quarter will be eligible for participation in the draw for the next quarter. Winners of a draw will not be eligible to participate in subsequent draws

All Prizes shall be delivered to the winners within 30 business days, after verifying the identity of the customer or the person duly authorized by the customer. In all cases, the original national ID or residence card (Iqama) must be presented to the Bank and any authorized representative must submit the required documents to verify the authority of the person

The winning customers will have the prize money deposited in their meem OnePack SAR account

Winners will be announced on meem KSA social media channels and website within 20 business days from the date of acknowledgement of the winner

By participating in this promotion, you agree to your name and/or photo being published on meem channels

These following cash prizes will be awarded quarterly:


1x SAR 25,000

1x SAR 40,000

1x SAR 60,000


1x SAR 25,000

1x SAR 40,000

1x SAR 60,000


1x SAR 25,000

1x SAR 40,000

1x SAR 60,000


1x SAR 25,000

1x SAR 40,000

1x SAR 60,000

1x SAR 1,000,000



10th August 2022



8th November 2022



6th February  2023



7th May 2023

*Note, if the draw date falls on a public holiday, the draw shall take place on the next available business day

1. A meem OnePack account can be opened by individuals of all nationalities who are citizens or legal residents of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and are aged 15 and above.

2. Balances held in the meem OnePack can be retained as any amount and not necessarily in multiples of SAR 1,000. The remaining fractional amounts will not be considered as eligible for the draw. The Bank’s calculation of the number of entries shall be final, save in the event of manifest error.

3. Gulf International Bank – Saudi Arabia’s employees, directors, their spouses, children and parents are not entitled to enter this promotion.

4. If a new customer requests to open a meem OnePack account, and does not meet the account opening criteria, the account opening request may be rejected at the Bank’s discretion.

5. The balance in each account shall still be eligible for the upcoming draw(s) if the customer has not previously won a prior draw.

6. Extra entries will be issued to customers based on the table provided will be considered in the next draw if the customer has not previously won a prize.

7. Within each quarterly draw, the customer is entitled to receive only one prize.

8. The customer may make additional deposits and withdrawals of partial or the entire amount available in the account at any time.

9. The balance in the SAR account can be blocked partially or fully in favour of the Bank to secure any credit facility, Personal or Home Finance or any other type of facility obligation as may be accepted and agreed to with the Bank.

10. All draws will be held under the supervision of the Saudi Chamber of Commerce and in the presence of a representative of the Bank’s Internal Audit Department.

11. All prizes shall be delivered after proper identification and due acknowledgement by the winner or his or her duly authorised representative.

12. The Bank will assign the prize amount in SAR and the funds will be deposited at the exact amount in SAR.

13. The prize money will be in the Saudi Riyal Currency.

14. By participating in this Promotion, all winners agree to grant the Bank full right to use, amend, modify, adapt, reproduce, publish any promotional media (images, photographs, videos etc.) of the winners that are taken as part of the Promotion or during prize presentation (if any) for any promotional or marketing or any other purposes as the Bank may deem fit.

15. The results of draws are deemed final unless it is found that any of the winners are not entitled to the prize because he/she is not eligible to take part in the draw or for any other reason subject to notifying, and, if required, obtaining the approval of, the Saudi Chamber of Commerce.

16. License number 2235491

These Terms and Conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the parties hereby agree to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Banking Disputes Committee, Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. In the event of a conflict between the English and Arabic text, the Arabic text will prevail.

Q1 Winners

SAR 25,000: Anwar Mohammed


SAR 40,000: A* B**


SAR 60,000: Samirah Qasem


Q2 winners

SAR 25,000: Ameer Mahmoud


SAR 40,000: A** R**


SAR 60,000: Abdullah AlBloushi


Q3 winners

SAR 25,000: Ahmed Alenazi


SAR 40,000: Ahmad Nasser


SAR 60,000: Rayan Bin Farhan


Q4 winners

SAR 1,000,000: Balqees Abdullah


SAR 25,000: Bandar Abdulwahab


SAR 40,000: Hassan AlِAmer


SAR 60,000: Yassir Mohammed

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