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No Surprises! Life might sometimes surprise you, meem Credit Card never will. Live life to the fullest, with our Shariah compliant meem Platinum Credit Card with no hidden fees and much more!


Our Credit Card offers a range of features and benefits including a flexible installment program, a generous rewards program, low FX charges, purchase protection, exclusive access to selected airports around the world and much more.

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Customer Eligibility
and conditions

  Saudi Expatriates

STP: If the customer has provided a GOSI certificate

STP: If the customer has provided a GOSI certificate

OnePack a/c held



Minimum Age at Commencement (Years-G)



Maximum Age at Maturity (Years-G)

Employed: Retirement age Retired: 70

Employed: Retirement age Retired: 70

Minimum salary (SAR)

Government & semi-government: 2,500
Employer A & B & C: 2,500
Employer D: 3,500
Retired: 1,900

Government & semi-government: 4,000
Employer A & B & C: 4,000

Minimum current employment period

1 Month

3 Months

Minimum existing SIMAH history

No requirement for minimum credit history for any borrower

No requirement for minimum credit history for any borrower

GDBR (as per SAMA Responsible Lending Principles)

Schedule of Fees &

Credit Card Charges

Annual fee primary card

SAR 350*

Annual fee supplementary card

SAR 50

Late payment fees

SAR 100**

Credit card re-issue

SAR 30

Cash advance fees:


For cash advance up to SAR 5,000

SAR 75

For cash advance greater than SR 5,000

3% of the transaction amount and subject of a maximum of SAR 300

Credit card dispute fee (if wrong dispute)

SAR 50

Account Balance enquiry on ATM


FX rate



* No annual fees for the first year, meem Credit Card remains free for life against a minimum spend of SAR 24,000 per annum from the date of the card’s issuance

If the minimum spends required are not met, annual fees for the subsequent year will be applied

meem Credit Card must be activated within 45 days of issuance

** The collected late payment fees are paid on your behalf for charity activities as per the guidelines and supervision of the Shari’ah Supervisory Board.

 Terms and conditions apply


Annual Percentage Rate (APR)

Monthly Profit Rate

Minimum repayment Amount

Months until Balance Repaid

Without fee** 35.71%



94 months

**If a customer only makes minimum payments on an initial outstanding principal balance of SAR 10,000/- it will take the customer 8 years to repay in full of a Total profit margin of SAR 9,579/- assuming there is no annual fee and no charges, like late payment fee and no further spending and considering Annual profit margin at the rate of 33%

Annual Precentage Rate (APR)


Salary Used for Assessment


Total Credit Cards limit *


Total Monthly Installments **

* Sum of total limit of your credit cards

** All installments other than home finance


Start over






SAR 350




Monthly Amount Due


Credit Limit

SAR -----

Credit Card Annual

Percentage Rate (APR)


- Credit Card APR is based on rough estimate.

- If there is no annual fee associated to your Credit Card the APR will be furthered reduced.

- This calculation is subject to change depending on the influencing factors such as consumer’s credit records.

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