OnePack Account

One Life. OnePack. All in 1.

Banking has never been easier, get your current account, savings account, and multicurrency accounts all in one card with the meem OnePack.

Last update on 19/9/2023


Big enough for your life. Small enough for your pocket.

The meem OnePack is designed to fit modren digital lifestyles. With no annual fee, swipe features, budgeting tools, and much more.

Banking has never felt so easy.

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Get immediate access to 3 accounts on 1 card. Switch between current, savings and multi-currency as needed

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Frequently asked questions

What is a meem Onepack account?

It is a product that combines the advantages of: Current account by SAR, Saving account, Foreign Currency account at the same time, and customer can use meem debit card or meem MRSOOL debit card in deposit, point of sale, and cash withdrawals transactions.

What are the currencies that I can open an accounts for it?

Currently there are 8 currencies: GCC countries currencies, USD, EUR, GBP

How can I get account statement?

Through out meme app (One Pack > plus sign "+"> account statement). 

Or call us: 8001166336

What is Saving Account?

it's sup account enables you to earn Shariah-compliant profit by transferring from your current account to Saving Account through meem app (OnePack account> Plus sign "+" > Auto-Sweep)

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